Studionatalie wants to improve your lifestyle.

Our approach is to take time to understand our client’s needs and bring creativity into holistically comfortable spaces, where your interior reflects you or your brand’s identity.

Clutter-free freshness, rich in soft textures and paired with clean lines; we seek to create spaces that call on all your senses. We believe in bringing nature into the home to install a sense of well-being. Using a neutral palette as a basis, our language of design is expressed through an uncomplicated, contemporary sensibility with a playful use of colour. We love to celebrate beautiful natural textures, elements that are soft to touch and take into account sensory details such as the play of light in a space.

Often beginning with the historical contexts and characteristics of a site’s location, we map out the design story, expressing heritage through contemporary modernism and always with an unexpected twist.

Our clients come to us for contemporary luxury, where the eclectic, such as a soulful vintage piece, or a curious antique would also be at home.  Taking you through an extensive range of products and suppliers, we find fabrics, finishes, furniture and lighting that tell your story. We curate and sometimes make artwork specifically for a project, to accentuate the design.  

We are a team of designers, interior architects, specialist finishes craftsmen, bespoke carpenters, artists and contractors. Our industry network of experts means we can create beautiful spaces, with creatives that think outside the box.

These are the following ways we can help you through design:               

Design, Build and Styling:          

Whether your interior is a new build, full refurbishment or part refurbishment, this package covers the whole process of design, build and styling. Project-managed from design consultation, design development, building work, furniture sourcing, lighting design to interior styling and installation. 

Interior Decoration / Styling:  

This package can be thought of as a "soft" refurbishment / re-style. Here, we concentrate on designing and bringing together all elements such as the furniture, lighting, soft furnishings, artwork, accessories and the colouring of the space. Interior styling projects can usually be achieved with a quick turn around, as there is no major structural work involved.

Event Styling:

The design, sourcing, on site installation and styling of temporary events. This could also include the creation of props and decoration, specific to the event.  

Brand Styling / Art Direction:          

The status and value of a product is elevated by how successfully it is presented in the public’s eye. As one of the crucial aspects of branding and art direction, styling will drive the look, reach and appeal of your brand through new and creative contexts. We style advertising campaigns for editorial, commercial or social media use.


We can’t wait to work with you!