Residential Interiors


Interior design & interior styling for the Cuckooz Flagship Serviced Apartments 'Hudson's Yard' in Shoreditch

Client: Cuckooz London

This project celebrates the history of the building, formerly used as an industrial furniture and brassware factory. The story of the building's past provides the narrative and basis of the design. 

Living Room Interiors Cuckooz Shoreditch Studionatalie Natalie Papageorgiadis

All artworks were commissioned by Cuckooz and are Natalie Papageorgiadis originals. 

Stylish Kitchen Interiors Cuckooz Shoreditch Studionatalie Natalie Papageorgiadis

Customised feature wallpaper to kitchen areas made up of vintage advertisements. The illustrations of the various factories and their trade, were historically based in the local area of the project in Shoreditch.  

Stylish Kitchen Interiors Cuckooz Studionatalie Natalie Papageorgiadis
Stylish Interiors Dining Cuckooz Studionatalie Natalie Papageorgiadis

The colour scheme for 'Hudson's Yard' takes inspiration from the building's former use as a factory. Cobalt blue was the colour of the original exterior. Gold and brass tones are used in reference to the brassware production that took place at the factory. 

second bedroom.jpeg

Residence in Hackney

Client: Private Client

Minimal vibe interior design and styling project with the brief: "contemporary, affordable luxury" and including a large abstract painting created by Natalie. 

Sofa in living room
dining table
Bedroom Hackney