artwork in an interior space has equal importance to a piece of furniture or lighting. in fact, it is often the "jewel in the crown" - the component that holds the scheme together.

natalie enjoys the bespoke nature of creating a piece of work that is specifically made for an interior. 

All pieces are original and copyright natalie papageorgiadis




mixed media on canvas (190cm x 120cm)

abstract painting_stripe 001

Mixed media on canvas (90cm x 70xm)


abrstact painting_stripe 002

mixed media on canvas (90cm x 70cm)

traces of hudson's yard 001

mixed media on canvas (130cm x 100cm)

traces of hudson's yard 002

mixed media on canvas (130cm x 100cm)



The London eye

This series of photographs exist as digital files. The pattern can be duplicated infinite times to cover larger surfaces, a wall for example, which is how is was used in it's original application. Each image is based on photographs Natalie took, whilst away documenting her extensive travels.  

bcn airport


shibuya tokyo

city of god, rio de janeiro

ritter butzke berlin


For any enquiries on artwork, including prices and commissions, please get in touch!